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" Awesome reading thank you"-T. Scott "  

I had a on point reading thx hun " -K. Phelan 

" I have to say my reading awakened something inside me. I was conflicted before this reading and now I have the clarity I need to continue on my journey. Thank you friend. "-A. Griffin 

" I just gotta say... my reading was amazing & completely accurate  " -A. Hammons 

" Very good reading " - A. Burrell      



Are Oracle Cards different from Tarot? Yes. Oracle cards are a bit softer in guidance and help you make your own decisions at the end of the day, unlike Tarot cards, which are more specific to your past, present, and future…I feel it give you the NOW!       Are you reading my mind? I don’t read minds, I read & feel emotions. I’m known as an Empath and clairsentient. I feel your energy.        Bad energy or spirits. Should I be concerned? I clear my mind, body, and space before I do any healing work. I only welcome the most positive and benevolent to help during a session.           How can a reading help me? You will be provided steps on how to release any unhealthy thought patterns, or behaviors which may be affecting areas of your life. Instilling positive affirmations are helpful afterwards once you know what you need to work on. Through this mindfulness deep healing and change can be found. Please be open for change and have an open heart!          If you are unable to keep our scheduled appointment, for any reason, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule. I will be happy to reschedule our appointment to a time that is more convenient, whenever you feel it is necessary, no matter what the circumstance is, with at least a 24 hour notification that you need to reschedule.There are no refunds for missed appointments. There are no exceptions.

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