About Me

Wise Woman| Healer| Friend

 I am Favored Queen! I am called many things, but overall in this life I am a Healer. So much has happened in my life to bring me to my awareness that helped mold me into the woman you see now. 

I have been awake on my spiritual journey since 2015. I have been doing intuitive card readings and rootwork & conjure for my personal life and friends since late 2016. In April 2018, I fulfilled a vision board goal of mine and was attuned for Usui Reiki in Atlanta, Ga.  I am open to many spiritual paths- No Judgement to none! I am grateful that you decided to come to me for guidance, so i thank you in advance. Feel free to look around and join my VIP for deals and discounts!

Everyone is on a journey and i am a helper! My mission is to help and heal others first and foremost. <3

Thank you for allowing me and trusting me to help you on your journey! Peace & Blessings 

Photo Credits: Alana Taylor


Received Usui Reiki 1 + 2

Kisha Lee Crawford


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